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Posted on January 08, 2016 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 6 comments

Did you watch Johnny Carson last night?  It's so great to be able to watch this show nightly again! Last night's Frank Olivier juggling act was hilarious and amazing, especially when he brought Johnny out to help. Classic Carson, the interview with a young Dana Carvey was really great too. The first week of Johnny Carson re-runs on TV is now complete. Seven episodes were aired: 01/01/82, 01/01/75, 05/21/74, 01/4/85, 10/09/86, 11/07/86, and 03/11/87. There were some great moments on each show this week, we saw featured guests Eddie Murphy, Joan Embery, Don Rickles, as well as appearances from Foster Brooks, Bob Hope, Michael Landon, Richard Pryor, Sean Penn, Oprah Winfrey, Christopher Reeve and many more! Looking forward to this weekends line up, tonight's show features Jay Leno, Raquel Welch and Ray Anderson, and then we get to go back to the 1970's with a show from 1972 and one from 1974. Enjoy and Have a great weekend!
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  • Brett McClung

    Oh! Another thing the 6/22/88 show with Jay Leno and Raquel Welch was good and I enjoyed it! As it’s one of the shows I already have on featured guests dvd. Although the antenna tv rerun had original play on music for Jay that wasn’t on my dvd. I watched Sunday’s episode of 5/22/74 with Charleton Heston. It was a good episode as well. This was also the next night from 5/21/74 during the musicians strike. Please Antenna tv more episodes within the same week like this! :)

  • Brett McClung

    I enjoyed them all!! Even the one from 2/29/72! Great quality on these shows! It was annoying however when watching 2/29/72 episode and the winter weather alert thing popped up on screen. I did notice they left the end credits in this episode. Maybe we’ll see them in more shows, if they don’t run out of time however. I can’t wait to watch more great upcoming shows. The one with Dana Carvey and Frank Olivier was awesome! Especially with his juggling act. I’m still waiting to hear more bumper music on these shows because they’re to short. Come on Antenna tv put your foot down! Make it happen! Lol To me that brings more excitement to these already good classic shows!! I hope and want to see the musical performances of great musical acts on upcoming shows as well as on-air performances of Doc and the band! Last but definitely not least the famous in program commercials that Doc and Ed did from time to time in the 90 minutes and 60 minutes shows. Thanks!

  • Fan in Nashville

    Love seeing these on tv again. Thanks to all responsible for making it happen!

  • Dave Evans

    I know where I will be every night at 8pm: watching Johnny Carson!

  • Teri

    I am so happy to see the return of the The Tonight Show (Johnny Carson Show)! I love it! As a baby boomer, I grew up watching Johnny every night. He was, without doubt, a legend and it brings back all kinds of memories watching the show now. Not to mention, seeing where and how so many of our great entertainers got their starts. Television has come so far and changed in so many ways…for both good and bad. I, for one, really enjoy having the opportunity to watch the new wave of “old television” that takes me back to me childhood. Thanks for bringing Johnny back!

  • Lou Parrotta

    I cannot tell you how grateful I am this is on the air.


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