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Posted on January 11, 2016 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 1 comment

Did you watch Johnny Carson this weekend? If you did, then you saw some good shows. Friday started it off with the 1988-06-22 show from the Featured Guest Series Volume 4 with Jay Leno, Raquel Welch and Ray Anderson. However, for me and I'm sure a lot of you fans, the 1970's shows were the highlight. They just don't make TV like they did in the 1970's, and The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson was at it's peak. And look at that Jacket, they don't make jackets like that anymore! As Ed put it, “You’re in a great outfit to bomb in.” Johnny’s response: “When I go down the tubes, I go down in style.” Classic Carson. Saturday's show from 1974-02-29 with Flip Wilson and George Carlin is first-rate. This show was on the short list for release on The Vault Series, but it didn't make the cut. So it was great to see it aired on Television and not just moldering away in the Vault. And last night's show from 1974-05-22 was worth watching if not only for the aforementioned jacket Johnny was wearing. Nonetheless, that wasn't the only thing happening, guests Charlton Heston, David Brenner and Norman Mailer rounded off the entertainment. I wish that Johnny and Norman Mailer could have had more time to discuss his theories on Marilyn Monroe's death, a truly fascinating topic and discussion. Great weekend of classic TV. Stay tuned to Antenna TV, up next is a trip back to 1988-11-03 with Michael J. Fox, Harry Lorayne and Larry Miller.
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  • Brett McClung

    I really do enjoy the 90 minute shows more. Having 4 to 5 guests on one show makes more of a variety show which it was. I wish they’d show more than just the weekend. But I enjoy them all nonetheless. I do want to watch the 5/22/74 episode again because it was interesting with Norman Mailer’s discussion about Marilyn Monroe’s death. I missed some of it.


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