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On May 25, 1991 Johnny Carson told NBC's annual affiliates convention that his last appearance on The Tonight Show would be May 22, 1992. From that point on, the last year of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson began. During his thirty year run, Johnny had some fantastic years, and 1992 is one of those for sure. Johnny seemed to really enjoy this prelude to his swan song. There must have been a certain amount of freedom for him, knowing that this would be his last year and Johnny went out swinging. Watching the shows from 1992 there is a noticeable spark in his eye. Last night I was reminded of that spark watching the show from 1992-02-21 on Antenna TV. Many of the shows from that final year have been released. Watching them as they unfold is a real treat. Here's a list of what has been released on DVD to date, and if you've got them watch them in order and treat yourself to some great shows from the last year of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson - 1992:

1992-02-21 - The Ultimate Collection (clips from the show)
1992-03-12 - Featured Guest Series - Volume 6 (Full show)
1992-03-20 - The Ultimate Collection (clips from the show)
1992-05-06 - The Ultimate Collection (clips from the show)
1992-05-12 - The Ultimate Collection (clips from the show)
1992-05-13 - Featured Guest Series - Volume 9 (Full show)
1992-05-15 - Featured Guest Series - Volume 3 (Full show)
1992-05-21 - The Ultimate Collection (majority of show)
1992-05-22 - The Ultimate Collection (majority of show)

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  • Brett McClung

    I love some of those episodes from Johnny’s penultimate year! The ones with Burt Reynolds, George Carlin and David Letterman! And of course the most recent one I watched and recorded on Antenna tv with Elizabeth Taylor’s only appearance on Carson! That was one I wanted to see for a long time and released on DVDs or download as well. I want to see more of these shows on Antenna Tv and released on dvd and downloads please! 3/20, 5/6 and 5/12/92. They’re are 4 major things I really want to see in upcoming future releases that won’t be featured on Antenna tv. I hope you’ll consider these David! :) First mentioning Johnny’s final shows I really want the final 2 shows from 5/21 and 5/22/92 released in their entirety on DVDs or probably download because it’s not the same on the ultimate collection. Second I really want to see more rare episodes and footage from 60’s, prefer-redly all the remaining 32 shows and footage as I already have one from 1968 on download. And because it’s very rare. Third I want some of the best guest host shows as I and many other people mentioned before like Don Rickles definitely, Steve Martin, Frank Sinatra, Letterman, permanent guest hosts Joan Rivers and Leno and ones that still exist with Joey Bishop, Jerry Lewis etc etc. Fourth and foremost I’d love to see more of his remaining annual prime time shows especially the 12th, 13th, 15th through the 29th if you could make that happen. Definitely ones that had in house guests like the 26th anniversary with Leno, Letterman and Garry Shandling and I think the 24th, 25th and 27th had in house guests also. One more thing is more partial and complete weeks of shows on vault series and downloads like volumes 4, 5 and 7-12 did! Thanks!! I’d love to know what you think.

  • katie

    I sooooo want to watch this….breaks my heart I don’t and won’t have Antenna TV. Are there going to be any new DVDs? Please? And why can’t Antenna put the shows online?


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