Paul Reiser working on Carson TV project

Posted on February 05, 2016 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 2 comments

The following article has a bit more information about the Johnny Carson project that Paul Reiser is working on. The article states: Reiser is currently working on producing and writing a show set in the ’70s, backstage at The Tonight Show about Johnny Carson. “It’s about a kid who’s new to the town, this wide-eyed kid. We’re doing it in partnership with Carson’s estate! Johnny’s been off the air for 25 years now. When he started, it was 45 years ago. The shows were 90 minutes, the degree of conversation…it’s a whole other period in history,” he explains. “Times were changing and social values were changing, and in the midst of all that, Johnny was a constant.” Carson was also supportive of Reiser as a comedian, which makes the project dear to his heart. “Even during my coming of age, Johnny Carson was ‘it.’ To get the nod from him was huge.”

Sounds pretty cool, we'll keep you posted as more details unfold. Here's  a link to the article.
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  • Linda Sobieski

    I can hardly wait!

  • Brett McClung

    Yay!! This sounds like great news! I hope it will be on regular network tv or maybe Netflix? Either way I really want to watch it. 2016 will be a great year of Carson with this and Antenna tv reruns and more releases!! I wonder if they’re still going to have the green light on The Johnny Carson Biopic mentioned a couple years ago?


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