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Posted on March 02, 2016 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 2 comments

Here's a great hour long short that Antenna TV produced called Cocktails and Carson Conversations. Featuring Carson Entertainment Group president Jeff Sotzing, Comedian Tom Dreesen, Author Bill Zehme, and the one and only Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson Band Leader Doc Severinsen. As the president of acquisitions for Antenna TV, Sean Compton states, this is an unrehearsed group of people that knew Johnny well telling stories about Johnny Carson in an intimate setting. You can't beat this type of insight. We hope you will enjoy this great retrospective about The King of Late Night... Johnny Carson.

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  • JeannieB

    I can’t tell you how pleased that these shows are on the air again.

    For many years, I worked in the casino business in Nevada, on the graveyard shift. Instead of ‘going to sleep’ with the laugh, as mentioned in the conversations, I woke up every evening, watched Johnny with my cup of coffee, went to the gym after his show ended, chuckling all the way. It was a terrific way to BEGN my day.

    When he wasn’t on the show, it was a real disappointment. None of his guests could hold a candle to him.

    Thank you for your efforts. As far as I am concerned, you don’t need to be selective: just REPLAY them all, please.


  • katie

    This is just the best! Loved hearing from these guys and can’t wait for Bill Zehme’s book


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