Carson behind the scenes sitcom in the works.

Posted on March 11, 2016 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 0 comments

As we've mentioned previously on this blog, there is a project in production about a show set in the 1970's, backstage at The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson.  We came across this piece from early March that David S. Simon wrote "What It's Really Like To Work In Hollywood". In it David comments on working with Paul Reiser on the Johnny Carson project that they're currently developing. So far there's not too much information about the project, but from what has been said the project will be a behind the scenes sitcom set against the backdrop of Johnny Carson's Tonight Show in 1972. Carson Entertainment is involved with the project.  We'll continue to report any updates on this project as they come to light, I for one would love to see how the writing is coming along and also what network might be handling it.

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