The Carson Podcast by Mark Malkoff

Posted on March 22, 2016 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 0 comments

We can't talk enough about The Carson Podcast by Mark Malkoff! If you are a fan of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson and you have not checked it out yet, you absolutely must give it a listen. Mark knows the show, and he does the most amazing job researching, preparing, and recruiting the best people to talk about how their lives were changed by going on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, individuals that worked on Carson, guests who regularly appeared on the show, and the top people in entertainment who were influenced by Carson. The guests that have appeared on the podcast are a veritable who's who of Johnny Carson history: Tonight Show producers Jeff Sotzing and Peter Lassally, Dick Cavett, Carol Burnett, Jim Fowler, Mel Brooks, Drew Carey, Charles Grodin, Steven Wright, David Steinberg, Fred Silverman, Ed Ames, The Amazing Kreskin, Robert Klein, Peter Jones and many more! You owe it to yourself to give this great podcast a listen. Enjoy!
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