Burt Reynolds talks fond memories of Johnny

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The following is from a video clip of an interview with Burt Reynolds from his soon to be released documentary The Bandit. In the interview Burt recounts the following story from what sounds like his first appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: "If I have to give anybody credit for the way that I got in to films, it was Johnny Carson. Because I got on that show and we liked each other immediately. Carson didn't take to guests to well. We just really liked each other. And there were certain things you couldn't do. They said 'don't touch the pencil, don't touch the glass, don't touch the ashtray and for God's sake don't touch Johnny.' Well the first thing I did was touch Johnny and then I grabbed the pencil and the ashtray and I just played with all these things that I wasn't supposed to touch. And I could see him looking at me and then I saw the recognition of 'Ahh, ok I get it, they told you not to do this and so you're gonna do it.' And then he said right out of his heart as he always did, 'What else did they tell you not to do?' And I said, well they told me not to touch you and so I grabbed him and went like, I gave him a big smooch, you know? And kissed him right here (points to his cheek), and as I was going away, which was typical Carson, he grabbed me and pulled me back for a second one.  

During the story Burt seems truly touched by the memory of his friend. The Bandit screened at SXSW in March and will be aired on CMT sometime in the near future. Here's a link to the video of the interview. And here's a link to an article on Variety.com about the SXSW review of the film. Thanks for the memories Burt!

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