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Posted on April 25, 2015 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 1 comment

 Congratulations Betty White on your Lifetime Achievement Award! In celebration we wanted to recognize some of Betty's achievements on the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson as well, so we decided we'd release a new Download featuring Betty White. There were quite a few shows to choose from but we decided to go with this classic from 1983. I'd read an article where Betty talked about her experience on this show before I saw the show itself, and remembered really wanting to see the show after that.  And so when we decided to release it, I wanted to find that article. So I did a google search and here it is from Entertainment Weekly:

Betty White (actress who has been a friend of Carson’s since 1951) “The joke has always been that if he wants to take his clothes off [on the show], he calls me. That’s why we did sketches like ‘Adam and Eve 25 Years Later’ and ‘Tarzan and Jane 25 Years Later.’ But my favorite bit was five or six years ago, when we played lovers in a romantic seaside café drinking wine and listening to violin music. Suddenly, a little splash of water came through the window. Pretty soon, 550 gallons of water let loose and washed us all over the stage. I was supposed to pretend to fall off the chair. Well, I’d have been at CBS if there hadn’t been a wall there. So I kept playing the sketch out with my face down in the water. Johnny was scared to death. He thought, ‘Oh, my God, she’s hurt, she’s drowned, she’s dead!’ We laughed about it many times since.


I love the personal connection between Johnny, the guests, and the show. It brings the historic context of what you're watching that much closer in view. We hope you'll check out the new Download and if you do, please tell us what you think!

Betty White will receive her Lifetime Achievement Award on the Daytime Emmy's show this Sunday televised live from Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA.

Way to go Betty!!


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    You keep it up now, unrdestand? Really good to know.


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