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Posted on June 22, 2015 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 2 comments

The Featured Guest Series Volumes 1-3 are being snatched up by the fans out there. Have you gotten yours yet? If so, tell us what you think. You can leave a review of the set on the product page by following this link. We'd love to hear what you think about them as well as the Digital Downloads Volumes 1-3. There's more to come from both series. We're working to get the next 3 installments of the Guest Series out as well as some Downloads that will compliment those next 3 installments. So be sure and stay tuned and thanks for your continued support and for being a fan!

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  • Adrian

    I am enjoying this new series dvd set. Hoping a deal can be reached with the music publishers so we can hear more of the tonight show band music being left in future released dvds and digital downloads. Keep em coming!!

  • Brett McClung

    I watched all of them already except for 9/19/91 with Robin Williams and 5/15/92. I already reviewed the Don Rickles dvd and have yet to review the other 2. I reviewed the digital downloads as well. But I really enjoy watching them! :) Watching complete shows all the way through with the commercials is great and makes you feel like your taking a trip back in time and living through those eras again from the 60’s through early 90’s. It also serves as authenticity of watching these shows as they originally aired. I want to email Dave Gaysunas back personally about these as soon as I finish watching them and review them. Because I have many suggestions and requests for future DVDs and digital downloads this year and next. Anyway the quality was great for the most part on all these despite some minor discrepancies in the source footage for the DVDs and downloads but it’s to be expected sometimes with old tapes. The one I really liked was Don Rickles but they’re all good. One of the best parts of featured guest series, vault series and digital download is getting more original music from Doc and The Tonight Show band with on air performances and backing some musicians. I want to see more episodes like that. :)


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