Happy Birthday Doc!

Posted on July 07, 2015 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 1 comment

Today is Doc Severinsen's Birthday! The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson would not have been the ground breaking show it was without Doc's contributions. He was a member of the big three. There was Johnny, Ed and Doc. Doc joined the Tonight Show Band in 1962 and was with the show until the end. Under Doc's direction, The Tonight Show NBC Orchestra became the most visible big band in America. Doc was also adept at comic interplay, picking up parts in many of the sketches that were performed as well as the "Stump the Band" segment and filling in for Ed as Johnny's announcer and sidekick. Doc's significant additions truly helped make the The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson the top-rated show that it became. Doc's musical performances were always high class as can be heard on the Doc Severinsen  - CD Collection. To pay tribute to Doc here's a great trumpet solo from July 24, 1981. Happy Birthday Doc!


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  • Brett McClung

    Happy Birthday Carl “Doc” Severinsen!! He’s one of the greats still with us and he’s still going strong. I wish the music publishers would allow an affordable agreement of some kind to work out in everyone’s benefit so we can experience more great music and talent from the band. But I’m just glad we’re finally getting complete shows with the original opening theme, guest-walk on music and closing. One of my requests for future releases is that I would love to see more episodes with on air performances of the band including this one from 7/24/81. It’s nice to have some episodes like that.


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