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Posted on July 22, 2015 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 1 comment

We're getting some great comments from you fans about who you would like to see appear on the Featured Guest Series. Keep those comments coming! We've already picked the guests for Volumes 4-6, can you guess who they might be? Post a comment and let us know your pick. And by the way the "More To Come" artwork pictured on this blog post and on July 17th is from one of the shows that will be released on Volume 4, can you guess the year? Thanks for being a fan and thanks to everyone who has already posted a comment, it's great to hear your input!

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  • Andy

    Here are some guests I’d like to see:

    1. ROD HULL AND EMU. They only appeared twice, so maybe a good candidate for digital downloads rather than “featured guests”?

    2. Episodes where THE MUPPETS appeared, and perhaps you could also include the episode where Kermit the Frog guest-hosted?

    3. More FULL 1960s SHOWS, including the earliest one in the archive (New Year’s 1965, I think). Again, probably best as a download.

    I’d like to echo the requests for some of the best GUEST HOST shows (perhaps this could be its own separate series, or could be downloads)? Someone mentioned Jerry Lewis, but there are so many others. Whole volumes could also be done with David Letterman, David Brenner or Garry Shandling, for instance. Maybe you could test the waters with a volume showcasing Letterman or Shandling?


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