Johnny Carson Returns: Antenna TV to Air Full 'Tonight Show' Episodes!

Posted on August 12, 2015 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 4 comments

We're excited to announce that Antenna TV and Carson Entertainment Group will be bringing hundreds of hours of Johnny back to the air waves and into your home. Starting January 1st, Antenna will run episodes that aired from 1972 through the end of Carson’s 30-year reign in in 1992. Because NBC owns the rights to “The Tonight Show” moniker, Antenna TV’s episodes will be billed simply as “Johnny Carson.”

Read the full article here http://variety.com/2015/tv/news/johnny-carson-tonight-show-full-episodes-antenna-tv-1201568250/


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  • Brett McClung

    I’m very excited for this as well!! Definitely will have to stock up on dvds and buy a good dvd recorder so I can tape as many if not all of the shows! :) I agree with everyone else don’t change the opening/closing theme. I hope they’ll include the more to come music bumpers and the famous in program commercials with Doc and Ed, as I feel something would be missing without those key elements. They said full complete shows after all. “Tribune Media wants to preserve and keep the shows intact as much as possible.”

  • Adrian

    I agree with Andy please do not change the opening or ending credits. Keep everything intact. Looking forward to January. The landscape of late night has changed again.

  • Andy

    Sounds great, but can you please clarify this statement: “Because NBC owns the rights to “The Tonight Show” moniker, Antenna TV’s episodes will be billed simply as “Johnny Carson.”"

    Please, PLEASE don’t tell me you’re going to monkey around with the opening title sequences of these episodes and re-do them! I’m hoping that by “billed”, you’re saying that’s just for on-air promos/commercials and TV listings.

    Please do NOT change the opening/closing credits. That would not really be “complete” episodes, now, would it!

    Besides, we all know Johnny’s show wasn’t simply titled “The Tonight Show.” Its full, proper title is “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”, so the title graphics by rights should remain the same!

  • Craig Mivshek

    I am very excited to hear this news and look forward to watching the full episodes starting in January… But.. we have to wait until January!


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