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Posted on August 21, 2015 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 1 comment

There are more great Johnny Carson moments coming your way in the near future. We plan to announce the next installments of the Featured Guest Series next week. And as you probably have heard Johnny Carson is returning to late-night TV on January 1, 2016 on Antenna TV. To go along with that there's a new documentary "Being Evel" about the life of Evel Knievel and it opens with Knievel's 1973 appearance on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. And there's also a biopic about astrophysicist Carl Sagan in the works. Sagan was a frequent guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson where the phrase ‘billions and billions’ was popularized. So stay tuned out there and we look forward to announcing the new featured guests next week!

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  • Ronald Tomlinson

    The show by which all others are judged and
    always come up short. Thanks Antenna TV. My schedule will change come January!


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