Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 26, 2015 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 1 comment

We'd liked to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you can spend it with loved ones. We thought we'd post this classic clip of Johnny and Doc talking about Thanksgiving from 1979, it's a bit of a holiday tradition around here to watch this wonderful moment yearly. And if you'd like to watch some more great Thanksgiving time from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, we highly recommend watching Volume 11 & 12 from The Vault Series, there are 4 shows plus bonus clips from The Tonight Show's trip back to New York in November 1972 that are just classic. Happy Thanksgiving!
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  • Brett McClung

    This is a great moment! I’ll have to watch my vault series dvds again! Those 4 shows from volume 11 and 12 are great. Although I really like to see the full shows of 11/17/72 and thanksgiving 11/23/72. Maybe hopefully those will be part of the Antenna Tv reruns! I always love watching this clip from 1979,the exchanges between Doc and Johnny are priceless. Could you please release this episode on dvd or downloads soon!? Oh and let’s not forget more great shows with on air performances of the band! :)


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