Happy Birthday Bette!

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Today "The Divine Miss M" celebrates her 70th Birthday. On May 21, 1992, NBC aired the penultimate episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, which included one of the most memorable moments of the show’s 30 year history. Bette sang a perfectly heartfelt rendition of the Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer favorite “One For My Baby (And One More For The Road).” The camera pans and catches an enraptured Johnny watching from his desk. It was a moment that made history. Bette was a frequent guest over the years, first appearing on the New York City set of The Tonight Show in the early ’70s and many times after, earning her that memorable spot on that famous show. On that renowned evening in 1992, they looked like old friends and even older showbiz pros of a fading era. Happy Birthday Bette and Thanks for the Memories!

If you'd like to relive some of Bette's great appearances check out the following collections:
King of Late Night Volume 1 - Appearance from September 12, 1973
King of Late Night Volume 5 - Appearance from December 17, 1985
Tonight - Both of the above Appearances
The Ultimate Collection - Penultimate Episode from May 21,1992

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  • Brett McClung

    Wow! 70 is a milestone! And she’s still going strong. Happy Birthday Bette Midler!! Would it be a possibility that CEG please consider re releasing those 3 shows in their entirety on dvd or downloads please!? The 2nd to last show was edited heavily because the desk segment was gone and some of Robin’s interview is missing along with music licensing issues at the time. The 9/12/73 episode was also heavily edited and only included her performance but not the interview. I’d really like to see those. Is it also possible to release the whole show Friday of 11/17/72 on digital download? Because that show had Bette Midler we didn’t get to see. :( Maybe it’ll be on Antenna Tv fingers crossed. Last but not least release a featured guest dvd of her Thanks!


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