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Posted on January 02, 2016 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 5 comments
Did you see Johnny Carson last night? It's so great to be able to ask that question again. For years that was the question the next day in America, and thanks to Antenna TV, that question is once again relative. So, did you? Having worked on the Featured Guest Series, I'm quite familiar with the show that aired last night, January 01, 1982 as it's included on Volume 10. Watching it on TV last night, the poignancy of a show from New Years Day in 1982, really hit home. I think Antenna TV did a great job, picking this show as the first one. However, I think the even bigger treat for me last evening was the hour of TV that Antenna TV programmed before Johnny Carson. At 10pm The Jack Benny Program from October 22, 1963 was shown featuring a very young Johnny Carson as his guest. Johnny joked, played drums and even sang and danced! I'd never seen this show and was truly amazed, talk about classic TV. Following the Jack Benny Program, Antenna TV aired Heeere's Johnny, a look at The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson with new interviews with Jeff Sotzing and Doc Severinsen and more talking about Johnny and The Tonight Show. A perfect primer for the first night of Johnny Carson on TV. We'd love to hear what you thought of last night, so leave us your comment and looking forward to Tonight!
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  • Brett McClung

    I love watching these reruns on top of the dvds and downloads. One thing I noticed on the 1/1/82 episode which I have on the featured guest dvd of Eddie Murphy, is that it had a little more original music of Doc and The Tonight show band for the guest walk-on music! I have yet to watch the Jack Benny episode with Johnny that I recorded on my Tivo DVR. The Heeere’s Johnny special was great, wish it was a little longer with more interviews with people. I’m excited for all these and my Tivo OTA dvr is programmed and ready to record them all!! It was a good first night!

  • Debbie Wilcoxson

    I’ve been so excited since I saw for the First time the commercial about JOHNNY CARSON episodes COMING BACK!
    Of course, I was a lot younger then with a mind geared that way. I did not watch the show as much; WHICH I DEEPLY REGRET! I HAVE WATCHED & RECORDED EVERY EPISODE SINCE ANTENNA TV STARTED AIRING THEM ON 1-1-16! I Have Re-Watched Each one too!! I can’t thank you enough for letting us see JOHNNY CARSON again!!! JOHNNY and HIS SHOW defines America. THANKS TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON THAT MADE SEEING JOHNNY CARSON AGAIN POSSI BLE!

  • Jim Offerdahl

    I love being able to watch the shows again. However, it is disappointing that the shows aren’t actually in thier entirety. Most of the music from the band is edited out. It just doesn’t have the excitement that the complete shows did without that.

  • William McKinley

    I just watched the show today.I got more laughs in the first ten minutes than I have in a long time. There are very few good comedy writers on TV anymore. Thanks for bring back Johnny.

  • katie

    I’ve seen that Jack Benny episode. Johnny was so young and cute. Johnny loved the drums but wasn’t he also taking singing lessons at this time?


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