“Golden Age” of Stand-Up Comedy on TV

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There seems to be some hip TV nostalgia brewing for what is now seen as the “Golden Age” of Stand-Up Comedy. In 1972, Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show famously moved from New York to Burbank, California and in 70’s L.A. a new Club scene began to explode. For most of these young comedians the goal was to get on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. This summer Carson fans get two TV shows focusing on that magic period of time. The first is “There’s… Johnny!” a behind the scenes look at The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson circa 1972 from NBCUniversal’s Seeso which debuts on August 24th.

The second is Showtime’s New Series about the Sunset Strip Comedy Scene in the ‘70s, “I’m Dying Up Here” based on the 2009 nonfiction book of the same name that premieres June 4th. With both of these two TV shows coming out this summer, 2017 continues to be a good year to be a Carson fan. Check out the Trailer for “There’s... Johnny!” and read the two articles linked below for a trip back to an era that was ruled by the King of Late Night:

A Look Back at the ‘70s L.A. Club Scene That Gave Rise to Comedy Legends
- Vulture.com

Inside Showtime’s New Series About the Sunset Strip Comedy Scene in the ’70s - LAWeekly.com


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