Heeere's RETAIL! Time Life Releases Carson

Posted on September 11, 2016 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 4 comments

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson - Heeere's RETAIL! Time Life's General Releases of Johnny DVDs.

Available in Stores from Time Life in different configurations on October 4th. 

Johnny Carson defined late-night television. For over 30 years, America watched together, laughed together, and sang together on the couch with the Original King of Late Night. Now, Carson Entertainment Group has partnered with Time Life to bring the very best of late night, any night, with THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON: THE VAULT SERIES. The singular collections, new to retail and available in multiple configurations, features Johnny and the inimitable Tonight Show crew in full episodes fresh from Carson's vaults - including commercials! THE VAULT SERIES retail DVD configurations includes a single disc release, a 3-disc collector's set, a 6-disc collector's set and a 12-disc deluxe edition collector's set. Additionally, prior to the general release of THE VAULT SERIES, on September 13, Costco will debut an exclusive 6-disc set featuring 12 complete shows and over 2 hours of bonus features. For over 30 incredible years, Carson paved the way for a late night TV revolution that will never be equaled. And THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JOHNNY CARSON: THE VAULT SERIES will give Carson fans, TV historians and late night aficionados alike the chance to once again watch an amazing talent and true American icon at the height of his powers. Check out the Press Release here. And for more information on The Vault Series released in 2013 click here.

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  • Brett McClung

    I completely agree with Thaddeaus! I love the fact that Johnny is back on tv even though it is a limited engagement, And I too have every complete episode dvds and downloads so far! I want a lot more releases as well. I hope that Antenna Tv can get out to everyone so they can watch Johnny and the other great shows. I watch and record every episode I can! I would however really want to see more musical performances and Doc and the band numbers on reruns and more releases.This is Brett McClung again, also there is some other episodes from The Vault Series and Featured Guest Series dvds I want to see on reruns because they’re only bonus segments. There’s 2 from The Featured Guest Series dvds of Rodney Dangerfield and Joan Embery from 7/25/79 and 8/1/79. The guests for 7/25/79 had Joan Embery, Albert Brooks, Ethel Merman and Tom Warren. I want to see the rest of this show and the rest of 8/1/79 with James Mason, Rodney Dangerfield, Debbie Boone and Arlene Golonka. There was a music performance of Debbie Boone and maybe Ethel Merman. Others I want to see on reruns from Vault Series is 10/23/87, most of the show was shown except for the music performance of The Cutting Crew and hopefully Antenna Tv can get it cleared and show it. There are other bonus segments I want to see on reruns as well. Thanks! What do you think? Please let me know.

  • Thaddaeus McCandless

    I’m very glad you folks at Carson Entertainment are planning some new releases. Its great to have Johnny back on TV on Antenna TV, but unfortunately my area does not carry it, and Johnny has almost finished the whole year of 2016 an still we have no station carrier here. I have picked up and bought every one of your complete show DVD releases and will continue to do so if you could release more!!! Lots more!!!

    I would really love to see Johnny in New York, what survives from those years & I would really love to see a Guest Hosted line of DVD’s put out. With some of the best Guest Hosted shows with different hosts such as Jerry Lewis, Joey Bishop, McLean Stevenson, David Letterman,Burt Reynolds, and other guest hosts who gave a rare appearance as a host.

  • Carson Entertainment

    Hi Kirk, The Time Life Vault Series releases have the same content, with some new packaging. They’re mostly for the Retail Market and we’ve had a successful partnership with Time Life for a while now. This will enable a number of fans that have yet to discover the Vault Series to get a chance to enjoy it. Stay tuned here for news on new releases coming later this month.

  • Kirk

    Does the Costco set (or any of them, for that matter) contain anything new that is not available through this website?


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