Johnny Carson still #1 Late-Night TV Host

Posted on June 20, 2016 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 4 comments

24 years after Johnny Carson retired from late-night TV he is still the No. 1 choice for best talk show host of all time. Recently there was a new poll taken to rate the top late-night hosts of all time. The poll, which was determined through more than 24,000 votes, with 30 hosts to rank, was not a big surprise. Johnny Carson has been holding the number 1 spot for so long, and this year Johnny returned to television on Antenna TV with re-runs for the first time since 1992. Carson Entertainment is working on a new DVD series of never-before-released material for all of you fans that can't get enough Johnny and hope to have more news about that soon. Until then, here's a link to the poll on moviefone.com with the Top 10 Late-Night TV hosts of all time below:

Here's the overall top 10:

1. Johnny Carson

2. Conan O'Brien

3. David Letterman

4. Jimmy Kimmel

5. Jimmy Fallon

6. Jon Stewart

7. Craig Ferguson

8. Stephen Colbert

9. John Oliver

10. Steve Allen

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  • Kirk

    I’m also thrilled that the DVD releases will continue (assuming they are still complete shows with original commercials)! Guest hosts would be nice, but I also want more of Carson.

  • Thaddaeus McCandless

    Id also like to cast my vote for a set of Guest Hosted Shows like Jerry Lewis, McLean Stevenson, Joey Bishop, & some of the few rare early 70’s ones you have left that were guest hosted in New York.

    Also I’m also down with whats left of the New York years as well

  • Andy

    So glad to see that you guys haven’t given up on more DVDs. Like Brett, I hope this series is like the last two, in that it will be COMPLETE (unedited) SHOWS, rather than compilations.

    I’d like to cast my vote for either a “Guest Host” series (like the Featured Guests, with 2-3 shows from each of the more popular/prolific hosts, like Shandling, Leno, Brenner, Letterman, Rivers, etc., and maybe a volume or two for “the rest”, like Rickles, Kermit the Frog, etc.).

    Or, alternatively, maybe a “Tonight…from New York” (or, “the 1960s”) series, with a couple of complete color shows per-volume from what’s left of the NYC era of the series. If some of the additional “return trip” episodes from 1972-73 would need to be used to round-out such a set, I’m sure we wouldn’t mind!

  • Brett McClung

    This is great exciting news!! It doesn’t surprise me that Johnny still remains number 1 after 24 years. He was and still is THE BEST host past and present tense. Nobody can touch him! The younger generation like myself who never got a chance to watch Johnny back then love him even now. He has that staying power that doesn’t go away. It goes to show how much impact or clout the man had. Even in death he’s more popular than ever. I wish he was still around to see the mess of things going on right now and what his take would be on Trump and Hillary, the Kardashians etc. I think Jay Leno should have made the list at least 3rd. I can’t wait for more dvds!! I wonder what it could be? Maybe a Guest Host Series focusing on the best guest host shows! Maybe even the rare shows and footage from the first ten years!? One can hope it’d be both.


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