Limited Exclusive Vintage items Coming Soon!

Posted on May 04, 2017 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 11 comments
Twenty-Five years ago the final month of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson began to air on April 27th 1992. In honor of this anniversary we want to celebrate with you fans!

So listen up Carson fans, we've got some really cool vintage items that we'll be posting to the website this month as part of the 25th anniversary celebration and for the upcoming Father's Day holiday. We get a lot of requests for the items that we'll be posting and since they're vintage we'll have VERY limited quantities and it will all be first come first served. If this sounds like something you're interested in and would like to get a first look drop us a comment below and we'll put together a list, and be sure and sign up for our newsletter as we'll announce to newsletter subscribers first. Last year's Father's Day promotion Sold Out within hours of us releasing the newsletter so we wanted to give you fans some notice. Happy 25th Anniversary of the last month of the greatest late night show in Television history! And stay tuned as we have More To Come...

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  • Andy M.

    Some more UNCUT episodes (be they on DVD or digital download) would be most appreciated. I have bought every DVD set and download containing uncut episodes. Money is just sitting here, waiting to be spent!

    As much as I’m glad for the AntennaTV reruns, those episodes are all edited, plus, there are very few “new” ones in the mix anymore…

  • Chris Hardman

    Big Carson fan, and would love to be in on this!

  • Michael Eastman

    Would love to get in on that!

  • Sam Yates

    Please keep me posted on all the Carson goodies!

  • Brett McClung

    This is great news! I want in on these items! I wish I bought some of the vintage ties last year. I definitely can’t wait to see what items will be in store. Hopefully replicas of his coffee mugs, stage props etc.

  • Bryan Zellmann

    I’d be very much interested to seeing what’s on offer. Keep me in the loop.

  • John P

    Sounds great! Cool like Carson

  • Jannette Tyler

    Exciting news! We missed out on the ties last time. So hoping to get something this time around.

  • Zac Ross

    Ooo I want in on this info!

  • lance alspaugh

    Exciting news to hear about the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson memorabilia. Just enjoyed Doc in Northridge a couple of weeks ago, so looking forward to More to Come…

    Kind Regards,

    Contact: Lance Alspaugh
    Email: theatres@aol.com
    323 668-9004 323 668-0937 fax


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