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Posted on November 15, 2017 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 3 comments

Great news Carson fans and the timing couldn't be any better, if we do say so (we're big fans of good timing, as we studied under the master!) We are pleased to announce the latest release that is now available from Carson Entertainment: More Tonight starring Johnny Carson. 
More Tonight starring Johnny Carson

As many of you have heard the new retro Tonight Show dramedy There's... Johnny! is premiering this Thursday (11/16/17) on Hulu. All 7 of the first-season episodes will be released early on the 16th, so if you haven't already, be sure and sign up for a free account on Hulu. The series is a coming-of-age story set in 1972, depicting life behind the scenes of The Tonight Show and Johnny and his celebrity guests are depicted using archival footage and clever editing. We figured as soon as you watch There's... Johnny!, you're going to think to yourself, man... I'd really like to watch those original episodes that they show all those clips from. Well, you can! More Tonight contains 6 previously unreleased shows as featured in There's... Johnny! 

That's right, this new 2-disc collection contains 6 classic episodes. Footage and clips of each episode in this collection are featured in There’s… Johnny! and now you can watch the original shows just like they happened. In 1972, Johnny Carson moved The Tonight Show from New York City to Burbank, California and comics hoping to get discovered started streaming west. If you made it onto The Tonight Show with Johnny your career was made. This collection takes you back to that amazing period of time right after The Tonight Show relocated to Burbank and Johnny was at his peak.

So don't wait and get your copy today and we'll get it shipped out on 11/16/17 so you can watch the original shows right after you finish streaming There's... Johnny! 

The trailer for There's... Johnny!  is below in case you missed it. 

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  • Brett McClung

    Yay! Awesome news as I was waiting for this for a long time!! I’m ordering mine as we speak! Not only can I watch There’s… Johnny! But watch these shows as they originally aired. I hope Carson Entertainment does this with future seasons releasing the full shows! My only complaint and disappointment, minor that is is that the musical performances are edited out… once again… And the commercials aren’t included I think except the in show commercials with Doc and Ed.:( I’m going to enjoy it no matter what but I was hoping to see more musical performances. I get the format is not the same as The Vault Series but still would be nice. Thanks for the new release!! Is Carson Entertainment by any chance working on more Vault Series and downloads? That would be great!

  • JohnnyCarson.com

    Glad to hear from you Thad, all the dates for the shows are on the product page, 5 shows from September & October 1972 and one from June 1973.. Classic stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Thad

    This is exciting as ive been waiting a long time for more full episodes to be released. What are the show dates and the guest line up for these episodes being released? :)


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