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Posted on September 29, 2016 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 3 comments

Hey Carson Fans, we've got some great news that we know some of you are dying to hear. We were super excited to hear that Mark Malkoff's guest on the CarsonPodcast this week was none other than Joan Embery. It's a great interview with one of Johnny's favorite guests, and we highly recommend that you go and listen to it. After we listened to the podcast we decided that it only made sense to announce our NEW DVD release! Available for Pre-Order next week is the exclusive 2 DVD set of Johnny's Animal Experts, featuring the best animal moments from 8 episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. This collection is sure to be a huge hit with all of the Animal Fans out there. In fact, one of the shows included in this collection is the Carol the elephant show that is discussed on the Podcast. So stay tuned for more details early next week about this exclusive collection that will only be available on JohnnyCarson.com. And in the meantime go and listen to the CarsonPodcast with Joan Embery. 

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  • Dave

    Thanks for your comments. We’ve had the eight episodes included in this collection on our radar for release for a long time. However, they all contained a number of musical performances or a couple of technical difficulties which prevented their release as Full Shows. Therefore the shows included in this collection were most likely not going to ever be released and would’ve remained in the Vault, until now. We’ve edited these eight classic episodes with the fans of The Vault Series in mind and have created an exclusive collection that will only be available at JohnnyCarson.com. Each show contains the opening, the Monologue, the Desk segment or Sketch that night, the full Animal Expert segment, and any other highlights from the evening. So we hope you Carson fans will check it out. We’ll have more details about the contents of the collection next week. We appreciate your support and thanks for being Fans!

  • Thaddaeus Mccandless

    What happened to the release of full episodes? Are you folks going to be releasing some more soon? Antenna TV is awesome but a lot of folks don’t get their channel, me being one of them. I was really looking forward to some full episode DVD releases soon :(

  • Bill

    Glad to see that there are new releases coming out. On this “Johnny’s Animal Experts” release – are the 8 episodes complete shows ?

    If not, are the individual Embery / Fowler SEGMENTS complete with nothing edited out ?



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