Remembering Don Rickles, he will be missed.

Posted on April 07, 2017 by Dave - Carson Entertainment Group | 4 comments

Mr. Warmth, never at a loss for words, a true comedy genius. He will be missed. Sadly we got the news yesterday that Don Rickles had passed away. As we began to compile some footage together for the tribute video included in this post, we were reminded that we won't see another one like him. Johnny came up with the famous nickname "Mr. Warmth" and like so many things that Johnny came up with, it stuck.  When we were discussing the idea that later became the Featured Guest Series, a collection of the most beloved guests that appeared on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, there was never a question about who the first guest would be. It just had to be Don Rickles. While reviewing the Don Rickles episodes for Volume 1 there were almost too many great appearances to choose from. Don Rickles made for a great guest, every time. I believe he was truly one of Johnny's favorites, and he certainly is one of mine. We'll miss you Don. 

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  • Brett McClung

    Don Rickles was one of a kind!! it’s a sad day in comedy now that we lost 2 greats in television. there’s no one else like Johnny and Rickles! I think it would be a fitting and awesome tribute if they release more of Don’s great appearances and guest host shows! Any shows with Rickles are comedy gold! Please make this happen!!

  • Raine

    Mr. Don Rickles will be missed by people all over of all ages. In the past few years I have come to know and love Don Rickles and all he has done. Every time I watch him I laugh harder than the time before. As a young person growing up I am one of few to know him by name or nickname and I feel privileged to be able to watch him. I will personally miss him and like others I wish I could have seen him in person and been insulted by the best: Mr. Warmth, Don Rickles.

  • Sharon and Ed

    The GREATEST!! When comedy was really belly laughing funny!

  • Sam Yates

    Don Rickles on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was more than must-see TV. Much more. Not only did he shine with Johnny and Ed, but he also made comedy gold with the likes of David Janssen, Glen Campbell, Robert Blake and so many others who, at first, had to be absolutely petrified at the thought of sitting next to the guy. It turned into television magic, led of course by the greatest thing that ever happened to TV, Johnny Carson.


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