Remembering Johnny Carson Today

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"He has been greatly missed. Thank God for videotapes and DVDs. In this regard, he will always be around." - David Letterman. 

"If you made Johnny Carson laugh, the sun shone. It was such a triumph for you.” - Dr. Joyce Brothers. 

“The man I adored, and miss him terribly, was Johnny Carson.” - Don Rickles. 

“I always thought Johnny Carson was just brilliant, and I used to watch him and all the comics that would be on the show every night - and I'd dream about it being me.” - Steven Wright. 

“The first time I was on 'Johnny Carson,' I remember being so scared, but the minute he started talking to me, I felt a little more comfortable because I just knew he was going to take care of me. “ - Bonnie Hunt. 

“I’ve always been a fan of a Johnny Carson because he was so great with an audience and not afraid of self-deprecating humor.” - Vince Vaughn. 

“I cried when I heard Johnny Carson died.” - Victoria Jackson. 

”To do really good topical comedy, you have to have the eye and the mind of a good newsman, and Johnny would have been a superb reporter. You can’t do good satirical commentary unless you understand what’s going on and pay attention to it. Clearly he has this great interest in the world around him.” - Ted Koppel. 

“Standing behind the curtain waiting to be introduced for my one and only appearance on The Tonight Show, all I could think of was that this shot would make my mother and father very happy. Being on television with Johnny Carson meant to them I had finally arrived.” - F. Murray Abraham. 

“He had Midwestern manners, New York brains, and Hollywood ambition — the best of three worlds” - Argus Hamilton. 

“Those 20 minutes on The Tonight Show did more for my career than speaking for two days at the Democratic National Convention.” - Bill Clinton. 

“I was on once, about a year ago. We had a wonderful time. I was nervous…very nervous. See, he is not a talk-show host. He is a national institution. We all watch him late at night to see how things play. I looked the other night and I thought, ‘How does he do it that long?’ Good writers help, but longevity belongs to those who are natural, and he was-and is-completely natural.” - Peter Jennings. 

“I can trust Johnny. He knows when to back off and when to jump in, and how to handle an animal. He knows they are sometimes potentially dangerous, but he also wants to be involved; he is braver than most people think. When we go on, he flies by the seat of his pants, and I like that. Animals are spontaneous. In his own way, he has done more than anyone else for wildlife on network TV. “ - Joan Embery. 

“He’s an extraordinarily complex man who’s been oversimplified by people trying to figure him out. I know him to be a man with feelings, even though there’s almost an industry of people trying to write that he hasn’t any.” - Dick Cavett. 

“He’s the definition of a gentleman — a very graceful, very private, somewhat gallant man. Unlike 99 percent of the people in the business, he doesn’t have a coarse bone in his body. Carson has a very specific genius, which is an ability to spontaneously cast whoever it is who sits in that chair in the best possible way. If you just follow his lead, he will make sure that you look wonderful.” - Elizabeth Ashley. 

“What makes him different from the other talk-show hosts is that his main objective seems to be to make the guest come off good…he understands the teamwork ethic.” - Beau Bridges. 

“I enjoyed watching Carson most when the monologue was bombing because that’s when he’s at his best. His recoveries were some of the funniest things ever done on television. I also think his genuine sense of Midwest humor was a key to the success. The television camera is an X-ray machine. You don’t fool that machine.” - Tim Conway. 

“The first time I did his show, he said, ‘Good evening.’ I said, ‘Good evening,’ and we just stood there. He said, ‘That’s all you’re going to say?’ I said, ‘For 320 dollars’ — which is what they paid back then — ‘that’s all you deserve.'” - Joey Bishop. 

“He’s got a purity to him — an unbelievable honesty, a naïveté and innocence — and he truly cares about the world and people. The audience can tell it. He tries very hard not to show that tenderness, I think, but he is a tender, sweet man.” - Buddy Hackett. 

“In comedy, you don’t get points for being ahead of the times any more than you do for being behind them. Johnny was always exactly right on time.” - David Steinberg.
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  • katie bailey

    He was the best and will always be the best. Thank you for posting this lovely tribute to the King of Late Night.

  • Sam Yates

    Johnny still makes me smile. Everyday. He still makes me laugh. Everyday. He still makes me happy. Everyday.


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