FREE Father's Day Shipping with $25 Order

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Get FREE Shipping on all Orders of $25 or more with Coupon Code: DADDAY01. Coupon is good this weekend only through 6/11/17 (within the continental USA.)  Father's Day is June 18th, so we've got this limited time offer to help you get something that Dad will truly enjoy. Check out our Special Promotional Offers section for some great one of a kind items: Vintage Johnny Carson Apparel Ties, Official 8x10s from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, Replica Pencil Sets and great Deals on DVDs! There's plenty to choose from and FREE Shipping to help make it happen. Don't delay, the FREE Shipping is only good through Sunday and Father's Day is next weekend. So Shop now! Happy Father's Day Dads, we hope you get what you want. 

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“Golden Age” of Stand-Up Comedy on TV

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There seems to be some hip TV nostalgia brewing for what is now seen as the “Golden Age” of Stand-Up Comedy. In 1972, Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show famously moved from New York to Burbank, California and in 70’s L.A. a new Club scene began to explode. For most of these young comedians the goal was to get on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. This summer Carson fans get two TV shows focusing on that magic period of time. The first is “There’s… Johnny!” a behind the scenes look at The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson circa 1972 from NBCUniversal’s Seeso which debuts on August 24th.

The second is Showtime’s New Series about the Sunset Strip Comedy Scene in the ‘70s, “I’m Dying Up Here” based on the 2009 nonfiction book of the same name that premieres June 4th. With both of these two TV shows coming out this summer, 2017 continues to be a good year to be a Carson fan. Check out the Trailer for “There’s... Johnny!” and read the two articles linked below for a trip back to an era that was ruled by the King of Late Night:

A Look Back at the ‘70s L.A. Club Scene That Gave Rise to Comedy Legends
- Vulture.com

Inside Showtime’s New Series About the Sunset Strip Comedy Scene in the ’70s - LAWeekly.com


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Twenty-Five Years Ago the finale

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Twenty-Five years ago today, 50 million people tuned in to see the final Tonight Show that Johnny Carson would host. It would go down in history as one of the most watched television finales in history. And would forever be remembered by fans as the night Johnny said goodbye. Here at JohnnyCarson.com we're celebrating the 25th Anniversary of this historic finale with some special promotional offers for you, the fans, who are still with us after all these years. Along with that we thought you might enjoy this special behind-the-scenes look of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson from the weeks leading up to the finale, as well as Johnny's final heartfelt goodbye. We hope you fans will turn on an old show and watch and laugh and remember. Things have really changed in the 25 years since Johnny retired. But I'd like to think the classy humor from The King of Late Night has always remained the same, and it's nice to remember. 

You might also enjoy reading this article with Jeff Sotzing about - Johnny Carson — the King of Late Night, and of Good Manners

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Twenty-Five Years Ago today

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 It was Twenty-Five Years ago that Johnny Carson would host his last two shows of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Famously in the meeting after the penultimate show on May 21st, 1992, Producers Peter Lassally, Jeff Sotzing and Johnny questioned how they'd be able to top that evenings show. It was just that good. The Penultimate show was the last show with guests, and the last two guests were Robin Williams and Bette Midler, both at the peak of their fame and careers. Bette Midler won an Emmy for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program with her performance of "One More for My Baby" that night. She also sang a duet with Johnny of "Here's That Rainy Day", Johnny's favorite song,  as well as "You Made Me Watch You" with lyrics that she'd written specifically for the show with piano player Marc Shaiman.

It was truly the end of an era, we would never see another show just like this in our lifetimes and while most of America realized that something special was happening, twenty-five years later we realize we were all watching a part of history in the making. 

If you'd like to relive some of that history, I highly recommend listening to the Carson Podcast with Marc Shaiman (mentioned above) discussing the preparation and performance of the penultimate show with Bette Midler. Here's a link.


And then dust off your copy of The Ultimate Collection and turn on Disc 3. Happy Anniversary! 

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Limited Exclusive Vintage items Coming Soon!

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Twenty-Five years ago the final month of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson began to air on April 27th 1992. In honor of this anniversary we want to celebrate with you fans!

So listen up Carson fans, we've got some really cool vintage items that we'll be posting to the website this month as part of the 25th anniversary celebration and for the upcoming Father's Day holiday. We get a lot of requests for the items that we'll be posting and since they're vintage we'll have VERY limited quantities and it will all be first come first served. If this sounds like something you're interested in and would like to get a first look drop us a comment below and we'll put together a list, and be sure and sign up for our newsletter as we'll announce to newsletter subscribers first. Last year's Father's Day promotion Sold Out within hours of us releasing the newsletter so we wanted to give you fans some notice. Happy 25th Anniversary of the last month of the greatest late night show in Television history! And stay tuned as we have More To Come...

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