Twelve Days of Carson Day 6

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Twelve Days of Carson continues with Day 6. Tune in to watch Johnny's interview with actress Liv Ullmann. Johnny and Liv always had very good rapport and chemistry on The Tonight Show together. So be sure and check it out. And if you're still doing your Christmas shopping, we have a great coupon for you today. Use the coupon code below on any of the DVDs in our Discounted DVD section here, and save 15% OFF! All of these DVDs make great gifts or stocking stuffers for the people on your Christmas list, so don't delay and pick some up today and save 15% OFF. This coupon is only good for 24 hours and is good for any DVD in the Discount section, so buy today and give the gift of laughter this holiday season with the ones you love. Happy Holidays from JohnnyCarson.com.

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Twelve Days of Carson Day 5

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Twelve Days of Carson continues with Day 5. Tune in to watch Kevin Meaney's hilarious Christmas time stand-up routine, with a marvelous rendition of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland". We were so sorry to hear about the passing of Kevin Meaney earlier this year, he was a comic's comic who worked the stand-up circuit and made us all laugh. He will be truly missed. When we were looking at shows to release for the Twelve Days of Carson, and were reviewing this show, Kevin's routine just put this show over the top for us and had us rolling as we watched it again. We hope you enjoy this truly special Twelve Days of Carson clip today. And don't forget you can share the gift of laughter with friends and family on your list, including this great Stand-up routine which is featured on the Carson Christmas DVD. Pick it up today, along with a couple of our Discount DVDs and save $5 bucks with the coupon below, the people on your Christmas list will be glad you did.

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Twelve days of Carson Day 4

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Twelve Days of Carson continues with Day 4. Today's show picks up with the second segment of Johnny's interview with Bob Hope. Bob is promoting his special that would air the following night on December 16, 1989 on NBC. Naturally there's a clip featuring highlights from the show. Followed by a nice conversation with Bob and some fact checking by Fred De Cordova. And the segment ends with a classic moment between Johnny and Ed. Enjoy today's show and if you still have some shopping to do take advantage of some FREE Shipping with today's 24 hour Coupon Code. Happy Holidays. 

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Twelve Days of Carson - 10% OFF Coupon

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Twelve days of Carson continues today with a great interview with the one and only Bob Hope. I've always thought that Johnny and Bob's interactions were fun to watch. Bob Hope was already such a huge star when Johnny started on The Tonight Show in 1962, but at some point, similar to Jack Benny, Johnny became an even bigger star. So when you see these two legends talking on The Tonight Show it makes you wonder what must have been going through their minds. They loved to tease each other, that's apparent. Bob loved to joke Johnny about the fact that Johnny only worked three days a week by this time.  We'd love to hear what you think, so tune in and watch today's segment with Bob and Johnny during their interview together on December 15, 1989. And if you're still doing your holiday shopping today's coupon is for 10% OFF all orders, so it's a good day to stock up on the gift of laughter for all the people on your holiday shopping list. Happy Holidays!


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Twelve Days of Carson - Day 2

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Hello Carson Fans! We hope you are enjoying the Twelve Days of Carson so far, who's tuning in? We'd love to hear from you and let us know what you think. Just drop a comment here. Today's segment is a classic one, when the NBC Yuletide Carolers perform an all-time Holiday Favorite. This show was originally aired on December 15, 1989 and a portion of this classic is included on the Carson Celebrates Christmas DVD, but we wanted the fans to be able to see the whole show. And for the first ever Twelve Days of Carson we couldn't resist having the Yuletide Carolers performing Twelve Days of Christmas. We hope you'll tune in each day and don't forget there's a special coupon each day that's good for 24 hours. Alright, check out the today's segment if you haven't already and Happy Holidays! 


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