King of Late Night Volume 13

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Classic Episodes from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Now for the first time we're offering the Continuity DVDs that were part of the Johnny Carson King of Late Night Continuity Subscription for sale individually. Originally scheduled as a 15 DVD release, 13 of these DVDs were produced before the Subscription was discontinued. All of this content is available in The Tonight Deluxe Collectable Set that was released in 2010. But now you can buy the individual DVDs if you don't want the whole 15 DVD Box Set and the Price is Right!.

Volume 13 includes -

SHOW 1 - September 23, 1975
It's a night to remember as Johnny welcomes Fernando Lamas for a hilarious conversation about what it means to be "macho". Then, singing sensation Glen Campbell takes the stage to perform - and stays to chat with Johnny.

SHOW 2 - September 8, 1983
You'll laugh 'til you cry as Carnac The Magnificent makes an appearance. Then, a true legend visits the stage as Bill Cosby delivers huge laughs. And finally, a performance by Chuck Mangione will get your toes taipan' and fingers snapping'!

SHOW 3 - November 12, 1981
This classic is a veritable cavalcade of comedy! First up, Dom DeLuise sits down for some clowning around. Then, Betty White joins Johnny for a hilarious sketch - and a fresh-faced Jerry Seinfeld offers big laughs in one of his earliest appearances.

SHOW 4 - November 23, 1989
Johnny was unique in his ability to introduce us to unknown, colorful personalities - and Louisiana restaurateur Lea Johnson is one of the most charming! Then, funnyman Tom Wilson gets the crowd - and Johnny - howling!

Approximate Running Time 118 minutes
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