King of Late Night Volume 3

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Classic Episodes from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Now for the first time we're offering the Continuity DVDs that were part of the Johnny Carson King of Late Night Continuity Subscription for sale individually. Originally scheduled as a 15 DVD release, 13 of these DVDs were produced before the Subscription was discontinued. All of this content is available in The Tonight Deluxe Collectable Set that was released in 2010. But now you can buy the individual DVDs if you don't want the whole 15 DVD Box Set and the Price is Right!

Volume 3 includes -

SHOW 1 - May 4, 1977
It’s a cavalcade of classic comedians in this amazing episode as Johnny welcomes guests Chevy Chase and Richard Pryor! The audience is roaring with laughter as the jokes keep coming—and you will be too.

SHOW 2 - MAY 24, 1984
Johnny is in prime form in this episode, delivering comedy gold and unmatched TV fun as only he could. Joining him for this memorable night are none other than fan-favorite John Denver and comedian/singer/ juggler Michael Davis.

SHOW 3 - May 21, 1987
This episode packs so many laughs per second you’ll be in stitches! First, comedy king Eddie Murphy chats Johnny up—and Ellen DeGeneres performs some stand-up that has the audience howling!

SHOW 4 - May 2, 1978
Here’s an episode for the ages! First, Johnny kicks things off with a visit from his character Aunt Blabby. Then the magic continues with a few classic song and dance numbers by the unforgettable Sammy Davis, Jr.

Approximate Running Time: 120 minutes
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