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Featured Guests Series - Volume 8
 (Single DVD / No Case)

Featured Guests Series - Volume 8
 (Single DVD / No Case)

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Featured Guest Series - Rodney Dangerfield - Volume 8 - (Single DVD / No Case)

In 1980 Rodney Dangerfield was at the height of his popularity and at the top of his form. The movie Caddyshack was released on July 25, 1980, two days after the first show featured on this DVD. His comedy album No Respect won a Grammy Award that same year. His appearance in Caddyshack led to starring roles in Easy Money and Back To School. Rodney, who based his entire comedy routine on getting no respect, is ironically one of the most respected comics of all time. Now we're pleased to bring you two full shows and an extended bonus clip featuring Rodney Dangerfield during the peak of his career.

2 FULL SHOWS - including - COMMERCIALS - Plus Extended Bonus Clip!

Show Descriptions -

Show 1:07/23/80
Join Johnny for a very memorable evening. First there's some serious chemistry going on with guest Dyan Cannon, followed by some outrageous animal hijinks with animal expert Jim Fowler. Not to be outdone Rodney Dangerfield steps up with a hilarious stand-up routine that keeps on going even after he's joined Johnny at the desk. And closing the show is an in-depth interview with Arnaud de Borchgrave.

Show 2: 08/12/83
An entertaining evening featuring Rodney Dangerfield, former President Reagan's son Mike Reagan and a stirring rendition of The House I Live In, That's America To Me by Donna Theodore to close out the show. 

Extended Bonus Clip: 08/01/79
This special extended bonus clip includes over 50 minutes from this never-before-released evening in 1979 and Rodney deserves some respect! His hilarious routine and interview get the crowd and Johnny out of their seats.

Approximate Running Time: 178 minutes