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Featured Guests Series - Volume 5

Featured Guests Series - Volume 5

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Jerry Seinfeld’s career took off after he made a successful appearance on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson on May 6, 1981. Johnny was impressed and Jerry became a frequent guest on The Tonight Show. In 1989 the sitcom Seinfeld aired on NBC, and by its fourth season, it had become the most popular and successful sitcom on American television. All the shows featured on this DVD are before Jerry’s sitcom had aired on NBC. Now, we’d like to present you with three classic shows featuring Jerry Seinfeld.


Show Descriptions -

Show 1: 06/27/85
A true classic is now released from the Vault. Not only does this show feature an appearance by Jerry Seinfeld early in his career, but it also includes one of Johnny’s most famous sketches by The Mighty Carson Art Players. For the first time ever, we bring you “Mr. Rambo’s Neighborhood.”

Show 2: 02/21/86
As we mined the Vault for shows featuring Jerry Seinfeld, we came across this historic show from 1986. Jerry Seinfeld is joined by drag racer Shirley Muldowney, and that’s not all, watch as the future “Queen of all Media” meets the “King of Late Night” during the first appearance of Oprah Winfrey on The Tonight Show.

Show 3: 06/09/88
A star studded evening closes this DVD as Johnny’s guests include Jerry Seinfeld, Arnold Schwarzenegger and an 18 year old Andre Agassi.

Approximate Running Time: 157 minutes