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Digital Download Series - Volume 2 a full episode of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson from September 7, 1983.

Betty White is an American institution and in honor of her Lifetime Achievement Award we decided to release a full show that featured Betty White as a guest. Digging around in the Vault we noticed there were quite a few shows to choose from. I'm sure some of the others will get released eventually, but we chose this classic from 1983 that has Betty and Johnny getting all wet together!

From Hollywood!
Featuring Betty White, Shirley MacLaine and Grant Colfax

It's all here, even the commercials! This show features the "most ambitious sketch" that the Mighty Carson Art Players ever attempted featuring our girl Betty White. We're proud to have had Betty on the show so many times during her historic career. To honor her Lifetime Achievement award we offer you this fun show for a limited time as a Digital Download. Enjoy!


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