King of Late Night Volume 11

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Classic Episodes from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Now for the first time we're offering the Continuity DVDs that were part of the Johnny Carson King of Late Night Continuity Subscription for sale individually. Originally scheduled as a 15 DVD release, 13 of these DVDs were produced before the Subscription was discontinued. All of this content is available in The Tonight Deluxe Collectable Set that was released in 2010. But now you can buy the individual DVDs if you don't want the whole 15 DVD Box Set and the Price is Right!

Volume 11 includes -

SHOW 1 - November 25, 1981
It's a Thanksgiving to remember when Johnny opens the show with some hilarious Turkey-Day letters from children. Then, you'll get a treat when the legend Kenny Rogers stops by to sing a few of his tunes and chat with Johnny.

SHOW 2 - September 9, 1977
The laughs won't quit when Johnny steps into the audience for a game of "Stump The Band." Then Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca deliver some truly golden, timeless comedy - and Eubie Blake treats everyone to some unforgettable jazz piano.

SHOW 3 - November 20, 1984
It's a magical comedy milestone as Louie Anderson piles on the laughs in his first-ever appearance on The Tonight Show! Plus, the always-unpredictable Robert Blake sits with Johnny for one of their side-splitting chats.

SHOW 4 - September 26, 1974
This unforgettable episode has comedy giant Dom Deluise stopping by to joke - and perform some messy magic with eggs! But the yolks on Johnny - and the fun continues - when Burt Reynolds and the immortal Art Carney join them on stage.

Approximate Running Time: 131 minutes
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