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Featured Guests Series - Volume 1

Featured Guests Series - Volume 1

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For our first Volume in 2015's newly released series we are featuring “Mr. Warmth” Don Rickles. Don Rickles has nothing against the people he insults while doing his routines, it’s all just part of the act. When asked about his insult comedy style Rickles stated “You know, every night when I go out on stage, there’s always one nagging fear in the back of my mind. I’m always afraid that somewhere out there, there is one person in the audience that I’m not going to offend!” Rickles was a favorite guest on the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson and you can tell that Johnny loved to let him do his thing. So don’t say you haven’t been warned! Now we’d like to present you with two classic shows and a rare bonus clip featuring “Mr. Warmth” Don Rickles.


Show Descriptions -

Show 1: 11/14/1973
This classic show features "Mr. Warmth" Don Rickles, "Mr. Baseball" Leo Durocher, Olympic champion Olga Connolly and Monti Rock III.

Show 2: 01/06/76
Another special evening with Don Rickles, John Byner, world's greatest drummer Buddy Rich and his daughter Cathy Rich.  Plus that visitor from the east, Carnac The Magnificent.

Bonus Clip: NYC Award Reels 1968
Released in it's entirety for the first time, this rare clip is from an unknown date in 1968 and is sure to please Johnny Carson fans of old!

Approximate Running Time: 166 minutes