The Original Ultimate Carson Collection

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The Original Ultimate Collection Volume 1-3 : A Must Have DVD Collection. It's all here...the unforgettable memories and unexpected surprises from 30 years of the talk show everyone is always talking about.

Ed Ames' famous tomahawk toss, Tiny Tim's wedding, party crashing with Dean Martin and Bob Hope, a surprise swim for Don Rickles, the tasty impressions of Albert Brooks, the poetry of Jimmy Stewart, wildlife with Jim Fowler and Joan Embry, the extraordinary talents of ordinary people, visits from Carnac and Art Fern, and Bette Midler's Emmy® award-winning farewell performance. You'll also find highlights from the best monologues, spoofs, characters, Ed, Doc and much more!

DVD 1 -
The Best of the 60's & 70's
The Best of the 70's & 80's
Plus special DVD extras

DVD 2 -
The Best of the 80's & 90's
Johnny Goes Home
Plus special DVD extras

DVD 3 -
5.21.92 Episode
The Final Episode
Plus special DVD extras

Special DVD Bonus Extras include -
Shot on location, Johnny Carson performs his own stunts in "Danger Johnny."
Johnny Carson's script notes.
Tonight Show biographies and awards.
"More to Come" gallery of artwork.
The Johnny Carson Story.
A backstage tour of The Tonight Show at Studio One.
Alternate camera angles from the original Studio One master tapes.

For fans of Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show and 30 wonderful years of laughter, this is the definitive retrospective chronicling television's late legend and legacy. Enjoy.

Approximate Run Time: 7 hours
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