Featured Guests Series - Volume 6

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Burt Reynolds is thought to have appeared 61 times on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Johnny and Burt’s moments on stage together are historic. Take for instance the time Burt sprayed whip cream down Johnny’s pants. Who else could do that? When we reviewed the three shows that are featured on this DVD, it was hard to believe that they had not been released before now. They are truly Tonight Show gold. And now we are pleased to present you with three gold standard shows featuring Burt Reynolds.


Show Descriptions -

Show 1: 08/02/78
If you’ve ever seen the show from September 26, 1974 that’s featured on the Tonight DVD collection that was released in 2010, then you know the type of hijinks that Johnny and Burt can get into. This show is along the same line, and their visit together is just as hilarious.

Show 2: 10/12/84
This night is Tonight Show magic! A classic Monologue followed by Art Fern and another Tea Time Movie and then Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise and Dr. Joyce Brothers keep the laughs coming. This is Johnny at his finest with some of his greatest guests.

Show 3: 03/12/92
And for the final show on Volume 6, we bring you Burt Reynolds’ last appearance on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. And let’s just say Burt knows how to go out in style.

Approximate Running Time: 180 minutes

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