The Tonight Show Comedians Volume 1

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This DVD is the original first run Digi-Pak version that is now out-of-print. This content is available in Stand Up Comedians 2 DVD set. But now you can buy this DVD, if you don't have the previously mentioned collection, and get these great Johnny Carson moments for an UNBELIEVABLE price!

DVD includes -

The Tonight Show Comedians Volume 1 - For 30 years, undiscovered comics crafted stand-up routines in hopes that one day The Tonight Show would call. As the laugh master's launching-pad to stardom, a single night on that stage could change a comedian's life overnight. This hilarious collection features first time appearances by Garry Shandling, Louie Anderson, Jerry Seinfeld, Brett Butler, Ronnie Shakes, Steven Wright and Roseanne. Let the laughter begin...

Approximate Running Time 50 minutes
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