The Vault Series - Volume 5

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A Never-Before-Released series of full shows from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Continuing on from Vault Volume 4, Vault Volume 5 contains the Thursday and Friday show from this famous first week of March 1976. Plus more great bonus footage from 3/23/76!

- Including Commercials - PLUS BONUS CLIP!

Show Descriptions -

Show 1:03/04/76
The famous Rhinestone Cowboy episode! Johnny performs his version of “Rhinestone Cowboy” and the party doesn’t stop there. Guests include Robert Blake, an uproarious Don Rickles, the always pleasing Bob Hope and Desi Arnaz. This show is definitely one for the history books.

Show 2:03/05/76
The star studded parade that is now the stuff of legend continues. After a visit from Carnac the Magnificent, Bing Crosby makes his first appearance on the show, followed by Ray Bolger of Wizard of Oz fame. Then finish things off with Marvin Hamlisch and the resident nonagenarian Burt Mustin who busts up the gang with his stories.

Bonus Clip:03/23/76
More exciting bonus material from this show. An unexpected drop in by Rodney Dangerfield. Then Joan Embery adds some animal hijinks with her menagerie from the San Diego Zoo.

Approximate Running Time: 177 minutes

Note: With both Volumes 4 & 5 you'll be able to relive a complete week from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson from 1976!
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