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Introducing our latest release and new series for 2016! 
Some of The Tonight Show’s most unforgettable moments occurred when Joan Embery from the San Diego Zoo and Jim Fowler of Wild Kingdom introduced audiences and Johnny to the always-unpredictable world of wild animals. This exclusive 2 DVD collection features the highlights from eight previously unreleased episodes with Johnny’s Animal Experts and their wild friends who stop by and steal the show.
We’ve wanted to release these classic animal shows for some time. However, due to the high costs of music clearances and the occasional technical difficulty these shows have remained in the Vault - until now! These eight classic episodes have been edited with fans of The Vault Series in mind, and have been created as an exclusive collection that is only available from JohnnyCarson.com.


Disc 1:
Episode 1 – February 20, 1986
The collection starts off in the 1980’s, Johnny opens with his Monologue, followed by guests Jim Fowler, Ventriloquist Ronn Lucas, and Author Brenda Venus.
(Appx 40 minutes)

Episode 2 – January 09, 1987
A classic from 1987 featuring Johnny’s Monologue, Art Fern and The Tea Time Movie, Joan Embery brings a Baby Gorilla and Carol the Elephant, plus guest Teresa Ganzel.
(Appx 32 minutes)

Episode 3 – January 02, 1974
Now the collection heads back to the 1970’s. Starting with Johnny’s Monologue, the Desk Segment and a rare visit with Animal Orphanage Director Pat Derby.
(Appx 40 minutes)

Episode 4 – July 30, 1976
This show is for the birds! Watch Johnny as his Monologue bombs, a funny Desk Segment with Doc, Then Joan Embery brings some Ferrets and some talking Birds, The Mighty Carson Art Players perform, and guest Bob Newhart. (Appx 46 minutes)
Bonus – 1968 Award Reels
A rare rescued clip from the 1960's! Released for the first time, Johnny meets Kate Reed and her Alligator in this fun segment from an unknown date in 1968.   (Appx 7 minutes)

Disc 2:
Episode 1 – April 08, 1977
The Famous “Ed’s had too much to Drink” episode! We’ve been dying to release this famous show. You may have seen the hilarious, but brief, two minute segment included on The Ultimate Collection DVD. Now we are excited to bring you 40 plus minutes more from this time-honored show. As much as Johnny teases Ed about his drinking throughout the years, this is the only show where Ed may have had one or two martinis too many at lunch. Tune-in for a priceless Monologue and the famous Desk Segment with Ed. Then watch as Joan Embery brings some great animal friends on stage, Art Fern pays a visit for The Tea Time Movie, and Matinee Lady Carol Wayne sits down with Johnny.  (Appx 44 minutes) 

Episode 2 – May 11, 1977
Now it's time for three appearances with Jim Fowler. This show contains the Monologue, Desk Segment, Jim Fowler brings a Flying Squirrel, White-Fisted Gibbon, Cheetah and a Camel.  (Appx 43 minutes)

Episode 3 – June 15, 1978
Another great Monologue, plus another Mighty Carson Art Player Sketch with G. Walter Schneer as US Postal Worker, Jim Fowler brings a Porcupine, Badger and a Cheetah. (Appx 42 minutes)

Episode 4 – January 31, 1980
And the final show of the collection features the Monologue, Desk Segment, Jim Fowler brings out two Opossum, a Vulture and some Tigers. Plus interviews with Michael Landon and Dr. Paul Ehrlich. (Appx 62 minutes)

That’s right close to 6 hours from eight classic episodes featuring Johnny’s Animal Experts. Watch all the Hijinks as The King of Late Night meets The Wild Kingdom on this exclusive 2 DVD collection that is only available from JohnnyCarson.com


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