King of Late Night Volume 14

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Classic Episodes from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Now for the first time we're offering the Continuity DVDs that were part of the Johnny Carson King of Late Night Continuity Subscription for sale individually. Originally scheduled as a 15 DVD release, 13 of these DVDs were produced before the Subscription was discontinued. However we've now released the final volume that was made but never produced, Volume 14. All of this content is available in The Tonight Deluxe Collectable Set that was released in 2010. But now you can buy the individual DVDs if you don't want the whole 15 DVD Box Set and the Price is Right!.

Volume 14 includes:

SHOW 1 - November 19, 1981
The beautiful and talented Susanne Pleshette joins Johnny for an insightful and fascinating conversation in this classic episode. Then, famed tenor Luciano Pavarotti stops by to perform - and stays to sit and chat with Johnny.

SHOW 2 - October 28, 1981
Johnny's love of magic is on display as he welcomes Lance Burton to the stage to amaze and astonish you! Then, the always-interesting Dick Cavette drops in to trade stories with Johnny. Finally, country legend Reba McEntire sings a classic with Doc and the band.

SHOW 3 - March 5, 1981
You'll roar along with the crowd at a classic sketch where Johnny does a hilarious impersonation of astronomer Carl Sagan. And to match the laughs with unforgettable music, American icon Slim Whitman performs one of his favorites.

SHOW 4 - April 18, 1986
It's a sketch for the ages as Johnny reacts with jokes and laughs to an angry letter from a dentist! Then, one of Johnny's favorites comes in for a visit as David Letterman brings the house down with his unique brand of humor and antics.

Approximate Running Time 119 minutes
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