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Carson Entertainment Group released Volume 1 of The Vault Series in 2013 in response to countless requests from fans that wanted to see full episodes of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Volume 1 was very well received and we released Volumes 2 and 3 that same year. Volumes 4-12 were then released in 2014. The series format is simple, to release each show in it's entirety with as few edits as possible. And it's as close as a fan can get to watching The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson as it originally aired. It's been a hit with fans, historians and late night TV aficionados.

Caveat Emptor -
Thanks to the loyal support and interest from all the Johnny Carson fans out there, we are pleased to be able to finally bring you full shows – including vintage commercials! - in our newest dvd releases, The Vault Series. Each volume contains 2 full shows, plus bonus footage from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, brought to you in as much entirety as possible.

We've heard your disappointment with respect to some of the band music being edited out and would like to respond to your feelings. The Tonight Show band was the life blood of the show and eliminating that contribution is a tough decision to make. However, due to the high cost of music publishing, Carson Entertainment Group would not be able to produce this series with all of the original Tonight Show band music. Some of that music has been replaced in order to provide this historical content in its entirety. The original Tonight Show theme song is now included for all shows starting in Volume 2, Volume 1 was remastered to include the original Theme song as well. None of the footage on set has been taken out of the shows, however, some of the original music has been replaced and the music bumpers have been shortened. This decision has not been made because we do not want to pay the musicians – that is simply untrue! The cost lies with the music publishers. Hopefully we can make arrangements with the publishers in the future so that fans can experience the great Tonight Show band.
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