Old Digital Download Series - Volume 1

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For the first time ever download a full episode of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson from June 19, 1968.

Our first show for this series is from 1968. We get countless requests for material from the 1960's, fans want to see shows from this era more than any other. Unfortunately many of the shows from the 1960's and early 1970's were taped over as a way to save money on film. There are only a handful of complete shows from the 1960's in the vault. In fact there are only 33 complete shows from the period of October 1, 1962 through May 1, 1972. And out of those 33 none of them have been released as full shows.. until now.

In the Vault there are only 3 complete shows from 1968 that have survived. Now you can download the first of those 3 shows directly from JohnnyCarson.com. Our first release for the Digital Download series is from 6/19/1968.

Wednesday from New York!
Featuring Raquel Welch, Alan King, Pigmeat "Here Come The Judge" Markham, and Plant Doctor Cleve Backster

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