Featured Guests Series - Volume 10
 (Single DVD / No Case)

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Featured Guest Series - Eddie Murphy - Volume 10 - (Single DVD / No Case)

Featured Guests Series - Volume 10
Today Eddie Murphy is an American icon who has been making us laugh for 35 years. He's ranked #10 on Comedy Central's 100 greatest stand-up comedians of all time list. But in 1982 his rocket to superstardom was just beginning to take off. After watching the shows included on this volume it's apparent that trip was unstoppable. In 1982 Eddie released his first album, and made his big screen debut in the film 48 Hrs. He also appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson for the first, second and third time. Now we'd like to bring you all three of those shows in their entirety.


Show Descriptions -

Show 1:01/01/82
Approximately 1 min and 30 seconds of this show appears on The Ultimate Collection DVD and now for the first time ever, we’re pleased to bring you Eddie Murphy's first appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in it's entirety. This show also features guest McLean Stevenson.

Show 2:02/10/82
Eddie Murphy's stand-up routine on this show is so risky! And it's taking risks like Eddie took this night that made him the star he is today. Watch Eddie's second ever appearance on The Tonight Show along with guests Wayne Rogers and Albert Hague.

Show 3:07/30/82
After his first two appearances on The Tonight Show, his work on SNL, his comedy album and movie, Eddie's career was quite literally blowing up. Join Eddie on his third and final visit of this amazing year in his career. Also appearing are guests Randall "Tex" Cobb, Angela Bofill and The Mighty Carson Art Players.

Approximate Running Time: 156 minutes

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