Johnny Carson Collection Replica Mug

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We are excited to offer these Vintage Johnny Carson Collection Replica Mugs. These Mugs were created in 1994 as a promotional item for the newly released Johnny Carson Collection - his favorite moments from The Tonight Show 4 VHS set. The set was created in a collaboration between Buena Vista Home Video and Carson Entertainment to meet the requests of all the Carson fans that missed seeing Johnny on the air after his retirement. The Johnny Carson Collection was a huge success, and the material, which was hand selected by Johnny himself, was eventually released on DVD as The Ultimate Collection, which happens to be the #1 Best Selling Talk Show DVD collection to this day. We did some research and believe that the mugs were never sold in stores, but were created as a promo item and given to folks involved with distribution, in order to promote the original VHS collections release in 1994. It's possible that there's more of a story behind this item, but that's what we were able to find out (if you know more about these mugs, do let us know by leaving a comment below.) Needless to say the mugs are Rare, Hard-to-find and Collectible for sure. Not to mention highly desirable, we get daily requests from fans for a replica mug like Johnny had on his desk! So, if you're like so many other fans and want a replica Johnny Carson mug styled after the one that Johnny had on his desk nightly and they're still available when you read this, BUY IT!! Because we have an EXTREMELY limited quantity and once they're gone they're gone.

Note: Each Mug measures approximately 3” inches across the mouth and 3.95” inches tall. 

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