The Vault Series - Volume 2

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A Never-Before-Released series of full shows from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Hot on the heels of the hit dvd release Vault Volume 1, Carson Entertainment Group brings you two more shows from the Vault Series. For this second release we’ve picked two classic shows that aired on Johnny's birthday on October 23rd,1974 and 1984.

2 FULL SHOWS - Including Commercials - PLUS EXTENDED BONUS CLIP!

Show Descriptions -

Show 1:10/23/74
Happy Birthday Johnny! This raucous party has some serious energy, wait till you hear the studio audience! Johnny invites a hilarious Buddy Hackett, 70’s pop star Lana Cantrell, Michael Preminger, & Prime F. Osborn III and his Marx toy train diorama to this one of a kind party!

Show 2:10/23/84
For this show we blast 10 years down the road for another birthday celebration, talk about a time machine! This night finds Johnny sharing his birthday with Paul McCartney, Mary Gross from Saturday Night Live & magician Jonathan Brown. Classic Tonight Show magic!

Extended Bonus Clip:10/23/87
This extended bonus segment has Johnny spending his birthday with David Letterman & Joe Piscopo. Now you can see more never-before-released footage from this time-honored show.

Approximate Running Time: 168 minutes
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