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The Vault Series - Volumes 7-12  DVD Collection

The Vault Series - Volumes 7-12 DVD Collection

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The Vault Series - Volumes 7-12 DVD Collection
The latest release from Carson Entertainment is here. This stand alone collection is available for a limited time and contains over 17 hours of Never-Before-Released material from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Most of which has not been seen since it originally aired.

This 6-DVD set includes: 12 Full Shows - including commercials! Plus 2 hours of bonus clips.

Volumes 7-12 continues the series with six never-before-released DVDs.

Volume 7-
Show 1: 03/26/74
It's Streak Week on the Tonight Show. Streaking is all the rage in this trip back to 1974, and rumors abound. Join Johnny with his guests Suzanne Pleshette, James Garner, Robert Klein, Jack Haley Jr., Ed, Doc and More!

Show 2: 03/28/74
A history making show – with guests Michael Landon, Carl Reiner, Gloria Loring, and Joanna Cassidy.

Bonus Material: 03/29/74
Johnny is in his element delivering his monologue during Streak Week. Tune in for the laughs.

Approximate Running Time: 170 minutes

Volume 8-
Show 1:
Take a trip back to November 1975. Volume 3 contains some great shows from December 1975, and while digging through the archives, we noticed that roll of great shows was happening in November as well.
This show contains some definite Tonight Show magic with Buddy Rich, Jack Palance, Madlyn Rhue and Steve Allen.

Show 2: 11/07/75
The roll continues with Gene Kelly, Shecky Greene, Ronnie Graham, and Stockard Channing

Bonus Material: 11/04/75
The crowd is ready and rowdy to kick off the night in this opening monologue. Afterwards join Johnny & Ed at the desk as they expound their knowledge of all things funny.

Approximate Running Time: 176 minutes

Volume 9 -
Show 1: 11/11/75
The trip continues as we deliver another classic Tonight Show from November 1975. A small segment from this episode has been in circulation on the Animal Hijinks DVD for years, now you get to see this time honored show in it's entirety. A true gem from the archives featuring Joan Embery, Orson Bean, Charlie Callas, Lynda Carter and the Mighty Carson Art Players.

Show 2: 11/20/75
This show has stood the test of time, it's as funny today as it was back in the day. Guests include Steve Lawrence, Buddy Hackett, and Roy Clark.

Bonus Clip: 11/21/75
Vincent Price pays a visit to the Tonight Show and it's time for some fun in the kitchen.

Approximate Running Time: 175 minutes

Volume 10 -
Show 1: 08/04/77
Hot comedy from August 1977. Johnny invites, Joan Embery, Orson Bean, Andy Kaufman and Eugene Fodor to the Tonight Show for an amazing evening of entertainment. Talk about variety!

Show 2: 08/05/77
After Johnny bombs at the monologue like only he can, he welcomes two Richards and two Davids to the Tonight Show. Watch as they all come together to create one memorable evening. Featuring Rich Little, Richard Pryor, David Sayh, and consumer advocate David Horowitz.

Bonus Clip: 08/02/77
Funny antics continue as Tonight Show producer Fred De Cordova returns from vacation in Hawaii.

Approximate Running Time: 175 minutes


Volume 11 -
Show 1: 11/22/72
The Tonight Show takes a trip back to New York! Having recently relocated to Burbank California in May of 1972, the cast and crew of the Tonight Show still had some roots in New York. For Volumes 11 and 12 join them as they take a trip back and bring the whole zany circus with them. This show happens right before Thanksgiving and is a real treat! Join Johnny in rare form with James Coco, Rodney Dangerfield, Marilyn Maye and Lorne Greene.

Show 2: 11/24/72
Settle on to the couch this day after Thanksgiving and join the Tonight Show crew and their antics as their New York extravaganza continues. Guests include Tony Randall, David Brenner, Jaye P. Morgan, mentalist Mark Stone and a visit from famous circus clown Oleg Popov.

Bonus Clip: 11/17/72
The Monologue from this show sets up the shows that we picked from the trip back to New York so well we had to include it. Due to the limitation of space on DVDs we weren't able to put the shows in chronological order. However, for Volumes 11 and Volumes 12, we highly recommend that you watch these shows in the order they aired. Meaning, watch this bonus segment first, then Show 1, the bonus segment from Volume 12, followed by Show 2. You'll get it once you get the DVDs. Enjoy!

Approximate Running Time: 178 minutes

Volume 12 -
Show 1: 11/27/72
This show is one for the ages folks. Johnny dukes it out with physical ability as well as his amazing wit and charm with guests heavy weight champ Joe Frazier, Truman Capote, comedian Robert Klein and actress Tammy Grimes.

Show 2: 11/29/72
We finish our trip back to New York with Johnny's last show before returning to California, and what a show it is! Ed McMahon and the Kane Sisters do a tribute to old New York, Buddy Rich shows us why he's the best drummer in the world, Marilyn Horne performs songs from Carmen and the Sound of Music and Margaret Truman tells us all about her father and her latest novel.

Bonus Clip: 11/23/72
What could be better than a Thanksgiving monologue from Johnny Carson from 1972? It's our treat to you, enjoy!

Approximate Running Time: 180 minutes

That's right 12 full shows - plus 2 hours of bonus material all contained in 12 DVDs. So enjoy every classic episode, and laugh along through the years as Johnny and his guests take you back in time with comedy, conversation and entertainment that is as timeless today as it was back in the day.

And now... Heeere's Johnny!