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Timeless Moments Special 6 DVD Set

Timeless Moments Special 6 DVD Set

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Timeless moments from the Tonight Show -

It's The Best of The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson! This 6 DVD set includes all your favorite moments - the biggest stars, funniest comedians, unforgettable animals, Hollywood Legends, classic Carson characters, and so much more.

Capturing Johnny Carson at his best, these 6 DVDs include classic Carson characters, The Mighty Carson Art Players, guest stars, favorite comedians and more. Only available through this collection! Featuring: Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, Roseanne, Charles Grodin, Michael Landon, Don Rickles, Rodney Dangerfield, Buddy Hackett, Ellen DeGeneres and more! Plus! The best-selling Animal Hijinks with Joan Embery and Jim Fowler and Return to Studio One: The Lost Episode with Dean Martin, Bob Hope and George Gobel.

Every night close to 12 million people made the King of Late Night a bedtime ritual. Unlike any other show at the time, Johnny Carson welcomed a parade of talent the likes of which we will never see again. That's what makes this collection so unique and the memories so timeless.


Disc 1 -

Show 1: Start with one of Johnny’s timeless and hilarious monologues, throw in a charming farmer who makes jewelry from quail droppings, add special guests Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, and Garry Shandling along with several other surprises, and you’ve got a show that is guaranteed to amuse and delight you.

Show 2:
Begin with one of Johnny’s hilarious monologues, stir in one of Roseanne’s first TV appearances, plus a visit by Carnac the Magnificent, add Vlasta the International Queen of Polka and top it off with Jim Fowler and a Celebese ape who’s full of surprises and you’ve got more Timeless Moments from The Tonight Show.

Disc 2 -

Show 3: Following a classic Carson monologue, Johnny pays tribute to America’s most trusted newsman. Next, enjoy jokes from kids, cowboy poet laureate Baxter Black and the loveable Aunt Blabby. Legendary Las Vegas magician Lance Burton performs a classic illusion and finally, Super Dave Osbourne shows what it takes to be a master daredevil.

Show 4: Following another classic Carson monologue, guests include: “nose flute” player Abbe Jaye, actor Charles Grodin, commentator Floyd R. Turbo, comedian Mark Schiff in his Tonight Show debut, wood sculptor Jon Walter and finally, Johnny offers some female audience members a chance to “Shower with a Star.”

Disc 3 -

Show 5: Johnny shares his observations on the recession of 1982, followed by Rene Hall, the accident prone musical entertainer, a visit form Carnac the Magnificent, Michael Landon looks back at Bonanza, comedian Richard Jeni, a performance by the Peking Acrobats and finally, Johnny gets “billions” of laughs with his impression of Carl Sagan.

Show 6:
This compilation features Johnny’s comments on President Reagan’s Thanksgiving traditions. Rodney Dangerfield still gets no respect, actress Jennifer Richards, a hilarious State of the Union address with Johnny as the President, Wild Kingdom’s Jim Fowler, the unpredictable Don Rickles, and a visit from Carnac the Magnificent.

Disc 4 -

Show 7: In this classic compilation, Johnny discusses Miss America’s breast implant scandal. Hear a Roget Thesaurus employee’s eulogy speech, see comedian Garry Shandling, smoke-ring blower Harry Garrison, bird trainer David Frank, magician Lance Burton’s debut performance, actor Kevin Pollack and get answers to all your DMV questions.

Show 8:
After Johnny’s monologue, comedian A. Whitney Brown hits the stage, followed by Jim Fowler, Carnac the Magnificent and the Mighty Carson Art Players. Dom DeLu- ise attempts a stunt involving raw eggs, Art Fern and the Tea Time Movie, and finally, Johnny joins the Renaissance fair!

Disc 5 -

Show 9: The show begins with a classic Carson monologue, Buddy Hackett talks about his days as a Marine, followed by comedian Rich Hall, martial artist Hugh McDonald, the Mighty Carson Art Players, Joan Embery and Super Dave Osbourne.

Show 10:
This hilarious monologue includes Johnny with his “twin,” Tommy Newsom, a visit from Carnac the Magnificent, comedians Garry Shandling and Ellen DeGeneres, a Tonight Show public service announcement, child actress Kaleena Kiff, a rare stand-up routine from Bob Hope, and Don Rickles gets caught red handed.

Disc 6 -

Johnny's Animal Hijinks: Some of The Tonight Show’s most unforgettable moments occurred when Joan Embery of the San Diego Zoo and Jim Fowler of Wild Kingdom introduced audiences and Johnny to the always unpredictable world of wild and exotic animals. These critters reminded us that The Kind of Late Night was no match for the animal kingdom.

Return to Studio One:
This classic “Lost Episode” of The Tonight Show, is regarded as one of the most hilarious in television history. On this particular night, Johnny and his guests had no idea what was in store for them when Bob Hope and Dean Martin decided to drop in unannounced. The spontaneous and unrehearsed antics that followed are now show business legend.

Previously Only Available in the Heeere's Johnny Definitive Collection, we are now offering this great set for sale on it's own. So if you don't already have the Definitive Collection here's a great opportunity to get this great set!

Approximate Running Time: 7 hours 59 minutes